RIDGE activities are organized around research groups of internationally reputed researchers in economics. RIDGE fellows are well-established senior and promising junior economists, affiliated to the most prestigious research institutions all around the globe. Research groups are centered on a well-defined field in economics and will be led by highly reputed senior economists, the “research leaders”. A few of the researchers in the group, including the research leader, are expected to visit RIDGE regularly as “invited fellows”. Research groups are expected to organize a workshop every year and publish research papers in a newly created RIDGE WP Series.

As a general rule, research topics have to be relevant for economic policy and/or have a critical social impact, in particular for Latin America. Research groups aim to interact with researchers in the region and increase the relation between academic research and economic policy. RIDGE will organize courses in coordination with local and regional master programs or national, regional and multinational institutions. Cooperation with universities, research centers and thinktanks in the region as well as research departments of national, regional and international institutions is also expected.
Local institutions (universities and research centers, including the research department of the Central Bank of Uruguay) will host the research groups. Local fellows affiliated to the host institutions coordinate the activities of the research group, acting as “local organizers.” During their visit to Montevideo, invited fellows will work on their own research, give a few seminars in the region, contribute to the research group workshops and courses, and regularly interact with researchers in the region, in the hope that it will generate join research projects.
The workshops organized by the RIDGE research groups will last for two days and include academic sessions and policy debates, associating top researchers working on the frontier of knowledge, local and regional researchers doing more applied research, and policy makers. RIDGE workshops will be concentrated in December and March around the so-called RIDGE Forums, to maximize interaction among visitors. RIDGE aims to interact with the LACEA Networks within the framework of the RIDGE Forums.
RIDGE research groups will organize specialized courses. These courses will be addressed to around twenty students registered in local and regional master programs or, alternatively, to twenty economists working on local and regional institutions (as central banks, for example). RIDGE courses will be intensive, one-week courses, taught by one or a few invited fellows and they will cover topics that are at the frontier of knowledge in economics.
A description of the proposed research groups follows: