Enrique Iglesias

RIDGE Honorary President
Enrique V. Iglesias has been the Ibero-American Summit’s Secretary General based in Madrid, Spain from its foundation in 2005 until April 2014.


Professor Joseph Stiglitz

RIDGE Chairman
University Professor at Columbia University, the winner of the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, and a lead author of the 1995 IPCC report, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Danilo Astori

Minister of Economy and Finance, Uruguay
Accountant / Economist from the Faculty of Economics at the University of the Republic of Uruguay.


Professor Timothy Besley

President of the IEA
Timothy Besley is School Professor of Economics and Political Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Gluskin-Granovsky Fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and Visiting Professor at the IIES, Stockholm.


Professor Alvaro Forteza

RIDGE Secretary
Agricultural Engineer, PhD in Economics. Professor of economics at the Universidad de la República, Uruguay. Member of the National Research System of Uruguay.


Professor Aloisio Araujo

RIDGE Board member
Full Professor of EPGE and IMPA for more than 20 years, Araujo worked at the University of Pennsylvania, at the University of Chicago, and at University of California, Berkeley, USA, and in Sorbonne University in France.


Professor Vittorio Corbo

RIDGE Board member
Senior Research Associate at the Centro de Estudios Públicos in Santiago, Chile


Professor Juan Pablo Nicolini

RIDGE Board member
Senior research economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


Professor Omar Licandro

RIDGE Executive Secretary
Research Professor at the Instituto de Análisis Económico (CSIC) and Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona GSE