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Jacques Drèze died aged 93

IEA President 1996-1999


It is with the greatest sadness that we learned that Jacques Drèze, President of the IEA from 1996 to 1999, passed away on September 25 evening at age 93. He was one of Europe’s most acclaimed  economists, distinguishing himself not only by his enormous scientific contributions but also by his continuing selfless support to both the development of research and the economic policy debate in Europe.

His contribution to economics has been exceptional, opening up new paths of research in such varied areas as general equilibrium theory, decision theory, theory of contracts, economics of uncertainty, game theory, econometrics, operational research, public economics, macroeconomics and economic policy. His numerous publications attest the quality of his work. The profession also acknowledged his merits in many ways: Professor Drèze was President of the Econometrics Society, as well as associate editor and co-editor of Econometrica; a founder member and the first President of the European Economic Association; honorary member of the American Economic Association and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; and honorary doctor of 12 universities, including the University of Chicago.

Jacques Drèze was a committed European always guided by a deep desire to understand the society he lived in and help solving the many problems afflicting it. At the start of his career, he took the risk of moving back to Belgium, his native country, where he became professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain. He founded CORE, which rapidly became one of Europe’s most prestigious centres for research in economics. He participated actively in debates on the most pressing problems of the European economy at the time, among them unemployment, the reform of the pension system and the university reform.

2022 RIDGE December Forum


International Macro, December 12-13, Bogotá

Economic History, December 12-13, Bogotá

Growth and Development in Macroeconomics / International Trade, December 13-14, Bogotá

Towards Sustainable Growth, December 15-16, Bogotá

Industrial Organization, December 15-16, Bogotá

Environmental Economics, December 5-6, Montevideo

Financial Stability, December 5-6, Montevideo

Call for Papers will be released shortly.


University of Nottingham Scholarships 

We are delighted to announce that the University of Nottingham has offered scholarships to the following Latin American students (starting September 2021):

Malena Arcidiacono
Fabrizio Ardiles
Lucas Braga
Guido Lamarmora
Andres Martignano
Agustina Sampaolesi

RIDGE Summer School in Economics

 XIX International Economic Association (IEA) Congress

RIDGE Summer School in Economics

 XIX International Economic Association (IEA) Congress

RIDGE Summer School in Economics

 XIX International Economic Association (IEA) Congress


Panel de debate sobre políticas de género: autonomía económica, cuidados y trayectorias laborales


Marcela Bensión – Directora de Política Económica del Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas (Uruguay)

Mónica Bottero – Directora de InMujeres, Ministerio de Desarrollo Social (Uruguay)

Raquel Fernández – Profesora de New York University y presidenta de LACEA

Germán Cubas – Profesor Asociado de Houston University

Verónica Amarante – Profesora Udelar y directora de CEPAL



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Raquel Fernández

Germán Cubas

Verónica Amarante

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